Social Media Statistics That Should Be Affecting Your Marketing Plans

Social media is always changing, so you must understand your customers to create a strategy that ensures you meet the needs of marketing demographics. With two billion social media users worldwide, you will need to develop demographic-appropriate content that interests each group. Here are the critical statistics you need to know to create marketing and advertising concepts.

Social Media Statistics

Whether you’re a small business owner, marketer, or a social media manager, it’s essential to always start with social media statistics to know where your likely target audiences will be. Here are a few demographic and social media statistics that every business needs for creative ideas.


Facebook is, without a doubt, a powerhouse when it comes to engagement. According to research, 97% consider this platform their go-to for social marketers, most popular for social networking and third most used website among global rankings of online sites.

  • It’s the most popular with adult demographics since 68% use this platform with ¾ of users saying they use Facebook daily.
  • Seven-out-of-ten social marketers utilize advertising features, and 83% pay for ads.
  • Teen usage has dropped (51%), which is not surprising as they prefer Instagram. 
  • Facebook also scored 2nd behind Youtube for video consumption (40%).
  • There are 65 business pages on FB, with an average of 0.9% engagement per post.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, in part, because their interface and features are teen and business-friendly. As they continue to upgrade features, look for marketing and content creation to get a real boost this year.

  • They have more than one billion users and growing.
  • 100 million videos and images are uploaded per day with 2 billion likes
  • 72% of teens use this platform, whereas 35% of adults use it.
  • There are 400 million Instagram stories a day, which you can link to store items.
  • Graphics get 21% more engagement than photos.
  • IGTV allows businesses to share long-form video content.
  • Their brand engagement rate is 1.60% per post.
  • Businesses spend 23% more on Instagram ads than Facebook.


Youtube is the frontrunner of all social media platforms when you look at video statistics.

  • There are about 1.9 billion monthly YouTube users.
  • Users consume more than 100 billion hours of YouTube hours per day.
  • 96% of Americans in the 18 to 24 age demographic use YouTube, but only 15.8% of YouTube’s audience is American-based.
  • Researchers predict that by 2032, half of TV consumers will not pay for subscriptions to cable access, which means more users will prefer these platforms.
  • Businesses can advertise in 80 different languages.


 Twitter is still on the map when it comes to advertising, so don’t count them out.

  • 88% of advertisers utilize it earning $575 million in ad revenue; half were video.
  • There are 326 million users monthly.
  • Twitter users send out more than 500 million tweets on an average day.

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