Tasks That Help Small Business Owners Boost Traffic And Convert Sales

The internet is one of the richest and condensed markets because of its global appeal to businesses and online shoppers. There is also much technology available online that helps us shape business commands, marketing initiatives, sales, advertising, and customer engagement. Here are five functions that companies must do to boost organic traffic that converts to sales.

Task One: Allocate Time For Social Media Management

There is no doubt that social media management is time-consuming, but there are ways to cut down how much you spend on it by making a few changes. Use a monthly calendar to plan ahead so that an employee only has to copy and paste the information to social media pages. You will find that other local businesses who are online will work with you to share content, promote your product or service, or create valuable links that add credibility to your website. You can also affordably hire our expert social media managers at Frogman Media Group to handle it.

Task Two: Invest In Digital Advertising

More than four billion people are online, and more than one million potential new customers join every day which makes digital advertising a smart business move. Research shows that in 2018, the internet contributed to $2.84 trillion in sales and expects to exceed $3.45 trillion this year. Search technology and geospatial marketing technology are now able to align businesses most likely to provide the best and most reliable products or services with consumers who need it. Investing in digital advertising capabilities just makes smart sense from a business perspective.

Task Three: Use Public Relations For Product Rollout And Company Events

Marketing initiatives are a vital part of any small e-commerce business because of the goals of reaching online shoppers. A great way to shift your marketing focus is by using public relations to garner interest in new product or services as well as company events open to the public. PR is also a more affordable option for marketing because of the many multi-media platform access.

Task Four: Use Analytic Tools To Evaluate Company Policy And Procedure

Data analytics is so crucial to company policy and procedure changes because you need to know what is working and what you need to update because they cost you organic traffic, leads, and conversion gains.  Understanding SEO, demographics, and interests also dictate content creation.

Task Five: Create Stimulating Content

Google’s primary business model is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to its users which is why content creation is essential. Take the time to create new content.  Customers will share the content through word-of-mouth and help it rank higher in SERP.

Not only do you need a team of employees who have the right type of e-commerce experience, but you also need to work with companies like Frogman Media Group who specialize in helping businesses achieve many of these essential tasks. Having access to professional social media managers, content writers, public relation specialists, SEO experts, or graphic designers allow you to maximize your online small business profit potential, build customer loyalty, and brand.

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