The Importance of Bringing Your Business Online

Among the gravest mistakes that brick-and-mortar storefronts make is refusing to adopt an online business model. As recent changes in the way the business world operates has shown us, one global shutdown is all it takes to render a ‘non-essential’ business useless. If you don’t have an operational model that allows you to sell products and services online, you can count on closing your doors for good sooner than you anticipated. With shelter-in-place and lockdown orders dictating what you can and cannot do, you’ll appreciate having an online business model to fall back on.

To help you see the value of having a website for your physical business, we’ve created this guide that explains things in detail from a marketing perspective. If you want to overcome challenges by not limiting how you do business, you’ll consider selling in person and online. Both can benefit you economically, with the latter widening your reach to customers in all corners of the globe.

What Being Online Does for You

It’s hard to believe that businesses exist without having some type of online presence, but many do. If you’re one of the last to embrace the idea of managing a website or online storefront, it’s time to consider the source of your reluctancy. If it’s because you know little about running a business from behind a computer screen, there are people available to assist you.

Recognizing the value of having an online presence means that you understand the benefits it provides. In addition to allowing you to exist during a time where mandatory lockdowns occur, it also gives you greater freedom over the products and services that you sell, as well as the time you spend running your business. An online storefront is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without the need for anyone to take orders.

Some of the things that you accomplish by being online include:

  • Appealing to a wide range of customers locally, nationally, and internationally. You can appeal to people outside of your immediate geographic location. If you choose to sell outside the United States, you can. Your customer base isn’t determined by how close they live to your business. You can sell to people in places you’ve never even heard of as long as you’re able to deliver goods to them physically or digitally.
  • Building a strong personal brand. If you haven’t had much of an opportunity to think about the reason for your company, you will now. Personal branding helps you stand out on the internet. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and gives you an edge. It’s how people learn to recognize you and your products and services. A strong personal brand drives business your way by being something people are familiar with and want to benefit from using.
  • Utilizing tools such as search engine optimization to gain traffic to your online storefront. When you operate a brick-and-mortar store, you may be lucky if someone who hasn’t visited your business stumbles across it. You’re even luckier when they encourage their family and friends to try it, too. When you have your business online, people can complete searches for businesses in the area, fitting your description. They can deliberately place orders with you because your website is optimized to include the keywords that you’ve entered into the search engines.
  • Building your credibility. If you’re a newer business, you’ll be able to take advantage of customer testimonials and reviews. You can add them to your website or link to them. It helps people formulate an opinion about you and what you have to offer before purchasing from you. It allows you to appear credible because of other people’s experience buying your products and services.
  • Taking advantage of free advertising. The internet is full of creative ways to advertise your website. Think of all the money you’ll save when you’re not relying on print advertising exclusively. You can use your blog and social media accounts to drive traffic to your online storefront.
  • Locating influencers willing to work with you. Working with online personalities to help promote your products and services can be highly beneficial for you. In exchange for free or discounted goods, they work with you to promote your brand to their followers. It’s an excellent way to take your business out of obscurity and put it into the limelight where others can benefit from it.
  • Allowing you to experiment with different types of content, including audio and visual posts. There is no end to the creative ways you can advertise and promote your business. You can create a variety of content that you use on your blog, vlog, and social media accounts. From product descriptions with excellent photographs to videos explaining how you work behind the scenes to fulfill orders, you have options.

The case for bringing your business online is strong. It’s an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers and to keep your sales alive during times of global change. It allows you to carve your space in the ecommerce world and appeal to people outside of your city, too. An online storefront can be the lifeline your business needs in a rapidly changing world.

Transform the Way That You Do Business Currently with Frogman Media’s Help

When you’re ready to take your brick-and-mortar business online, let us know. Frogman Media employs knowledgeable and skilled professionals who can assist you with personal branding, content creation, marketing, and social media management. Reach out to us today with your request for service. We can’t wait to assist you with your request and increase your visibility virtually.