Tips for Attracting Influencers to Promote Your Product

It’s one thing to attract an influencer to your brand, and work with them on an extended, detailed, robust campaign over a period of time. It’s another entirely if you have a specific product in mind that you want in the hands of the right influencer. The difference with a product review or other promotion is that whatever influencer or influencers you start working with may have a lot of these kinds of social media promotion deals in place, so you will always be in danger of looking like just another promoted product, even if you do move some units. Here are ways to get influencers to promote your product while also standing out.

Do the Research

You can’t just go with who has numbers. Simply finding a big influencer and getting your product in their hand is nice, but you have to make sure your product won’t get lost in the shuffle. Is this an influencer who regularly uses products, or do they just do a quick mention for their fee and then dip? That quick mention might help, but you can often get more traction with a lot of micro-influencers because they’ll take the time to feature and potentially gush over your product, which helps the brand in the long run.

Engagement is Key

Again, numbers only mean so much, if they aren’t engaging with their followers. Consider if they’ve bought followers that those followers won’t be liking, sharing, commenting or interacting in any other way that is valuable to you as a brand. Strong interactions will be the things that keep the wheels moving on increased brand and product awareness. You should also be aware of who they engage with and how – do they have a bad reputation for being a shill? Suddenly, you’ve devalued your product before it’s even in their hands. You can also do a quick, rough check of an influencer’s legitimacy with this tool.

Cold Messaging Works

As long as you have a legitimate product and brand and don’t send a message that seems fake, you have a good chance of getting through to an influencer if you just reach out through their DMs, or the official contact info in their bio. The pitch should be professional and should, of course, make the benefits to the influencer spelled out clear and in plain English. Have an idea of what they produce so that you can tailor your pitch and not seem like spam.

Be Concise

When you communicate with an influencer, keep your pitch short and make it clear what they need to do to get involved with your product, and make sure they know exactly what to expect. This will get everything moving that much quicker. Frogman Media Group prides itself on our influencer outreach capabilities. Contact us today and you can speak with a member of our team about putting you in touch with all the right people to get your product out there.