Tips for Successfully Managing Curated Content with Buzzsumo

Slogging through all the relevant results you get through a Google search just isn’t an efficient way to curate content. Luckily, Buzzsumo has tools that make this process much easier and more efficient, allowing you to stay ahead of the game while keeping your process organized.


Focus in on a Relevant Topic Area


Buzzsumo relies heavily on content topic areas, and this is useful for gathering curated content around a specific idea, person or event. It’s a smart way of whittling down all the information that’s out there—this is essentially like the old-school Google Alert system for a specific keyword, only Buzzsumo’s automated system can cast a wider net based on your topic area and will deliver the content to you rather than simply telling you the content’s out there.


This means you’re going to want to choose your topic areas wisely and be willing to adjust the way you input this information if you’re not happy with the results you get back. Try to be specific while avoiding the trap of using language that’s too commercial in nature. For example, a business that sells kitchen electronics could use a topic area phrase like “microwave technology” rather than “best microwaves,” which might bring up a lot of competitors in the Buzzsumo search. This will make your video, social and text content curation efforts targeted in just the right way.


Use Saved Content Features


Buzzsumo’s Saved Content tools are a lifesaver when you’re trying to manage curated content in a streamlined way. You can use the bookmarking feature to save the most appealing search content to a specific list. These lists are then accessible when you want to create specific curated posts, such as a news roundup or an influencer update.


The key to success with this approach is to make sure your lists are relevant and, if you happen to phase one out, up to date. Don’t clog the bookmark dropdown menu with a bunch of single-use lists. Curate your own curation to make the process more efficient and use the Buzzsumo content curation tool for all its worth rather than getting bogged down in your own process.


Leverage Automatic Alerts


There are a number of automatic content alerts available through Buzzsumo that can allow you to focus in on a specific type of content. For example, every time an influencer you want to work with posts something new, you can arrange to receive a notification, which allows you to curate content in real time. This is also true of your specific topic areas. Buzzsumo can ping you when the topics you care about see new content across different channels.


When you get these alerts, you can then use them to create posts to push to your audience or generate new ideas for original content of your own. Either way, being on the cutting edge of commentary on a new topic is key to engaging your followers and staying relevant. You don’t want to talk about news from a week ago today unless you really have something substantial to add to the conversation. Curating your content with Buzzsumo allows you to avoid this late-to-the-party problem.

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