Top 10 Social Media Tools of 2016

As a business owner, managing all of your social media platforms could be a daunting and time-consuming task. With so many apps and programs available, choosing the right ones to support your social media strategy could be challenging. Frogman Media Group has rounded up some of our favorite tools.

Our top 10 social media tools include:

  1. HootSuite– An oldie, but DEFINITELY a goodie. Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools available. The platform allows you to manage multiple social media pages on one easy-to-use dashboard. Schedule posts, view your feeds and stay on top of all of your mentions.
  2. Canva– Research shows that visual posts increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%*. With Canva you can create high-quality images that are easy to produce and fit your budget.
  3. Brand24– Know what people are saying about your brand at all times with Brand24. Delivering real-time info on what’s been said as well as what’s going on with your competition. A great tool to use to gauge potential sales opportunities.
  4. SocialClout– If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. SocialClout analyzes numerous data points and generates insightful, easily understandable and presentation ready reports, with the ability to drill down to the level of tweets, posts, and mentions.
  5. Tweepi- Find users, interact and get noticed on Twitter. This program allows you to easily clean up non-engaged accounts that you follow and find followers that would be interested in your brand.   Get your Twitter engagement and following up with this easy-to-use program.
  6. Buzzsumo– Sharing articles and industry related tips from sources other than your own site/blog is key. Buzzsumo is a great tool to use to analyze which content performs best for any topic or competitor. Discover the most shared content across all social networks and run detailed analysis reports.
  7. Compfight- As mentioned above, having a photo or meme attached to your posts will increase engagement. Making sure that the photos you use are legal and approved for commercial use is important. Compfight makes it easy to find free royalty-free images for your social media strategy.
  8. Iconosquare- Manage your Instagram community and their comments on a user-friendly platform. Iconosquare makes it easy to manage your business Instagram account straight from your desktop. Make comments, un-follow and follow targeted consumers that would be interested in your product/service.
  9., share and measure. allows you to shorten those oh-so-long URL links, making them easy to share across any of your social media platforms. What’s more? will also track how many clicks your shortened links garner.
  10. Piktochart- An easy infographic design app that requires very little effort to produce beautiful, high quality graphics.  With Piktochart, you’re able to create those awesome looking infographics with very little graphic design skills.

Now that you have some of our favorites, we want to hear from you! Comment below and let us know which social media tool is your favorite.

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