Types Of Marketing Content Your Business Should Utilize

Every business utilizes some form of content marketing to infiltrate a new market, engage with customers, or increase sales and revenue. About 92% of companies view content marketing as a business asset and for a good reason. Content marketing strategies generate more than three times the sales leads than outgoing practices. While there are plenty of ways to reach target audiences, do you know which ones are ideal for each market? Here are the primary types of marketing content your business should utilize to attract a diverse client base.

1. Blogging

SEO-rich written material drives traffic and sales. It also stimulates your SERP ranking. Did you know that the top spot on search engines has a click-through rate of nearly 35% and 31% on mobile devices? The average internet user searches with four or more words which is why your blogging content has a higher chance of ranking than other advertising methods when you speak the same language as your consumers.

2. White Papers

While content helps to engage and generate sales, White Papers use the same persuasion to establish an authority which also can help you sell if you know the right language to deliver the message. A White Paper stands as a measurement of one’s expertise. It also enables a reader to digest complex and abundantly written content easily and accessibly which affects consumer decision-making dramatically.

3. Longform Content

Consumer-friendly content is generally considered an article that is under 750 words. Some consumers want more extended content which most people believe to be long-form. Short articles tend to focus on primary topics, but long-form addresses issues more in-depth. While shorter articles with SEO have higher ROI for first-time visitors, longer articles attract return customers as the content is more reflective and engaging.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing has an average ROI of 122% which is about four times the rate of other marketing campaigns like EDDM and social media advertising. Email marketing is the preferred way that both marketers and consumers prefer to send and receive information. It is also one of the primary tools that marketing professionals use to generate sales leads. Triggered emails and newsletters are critical sources that all businesses should utilize.

5. E-books

More than 266 million e-books were sold in 2017 which makes it an ideal way to reach consumers by using this format as a CTA to get consumer data, offer as an upgrade, or promote business practices that establish authority in an industry.

6. Infographics

When it comes to consumers, information is a critical element to offer consumers. One image will hold a great deal of data, and the format makes it easy to absorb. From product surveys to case studies, infographics provide for an appealing visual presentation which will enable subscribers to share the infographic more readily.

7. Video

Most people bypass video as a marketing content tool. You should not, however, because 90% of online users spend their time viewing videos. It is not so difficult to create since most users prefer short two-minute videos. If you are looking to increase engagement and the sharing of product or service information, the creative video is the right way to do it.
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