What Is Social Media Management? 2019 Statistics Your Business Should Know

With added growth online, more businesses are focusing on social media management, which is the creation, engagement, analysis, and scheduling of content to increase followers, likes, comments, and shares. Social media managers are instrumental in the branding and consumer promotion process, but they also serve as your voice for your company while online. Here is how we’ll help you with social media management as well as 2019 stats your business should know.

Global Digital Report 2019

The Global Digital Report 2019 has a few statistics that provide vital insight into social media management. There are 4.3 billion internet users (up 9.1% from 2018), in which 3.4 billion desktop and 3.2 billion mobile users (42% market penetration) are active on various platforms. Understanding a brand’s social media platform users is the first step for social media managers.

Social media management is also your first line of defense for handling customer service and brand narrative. A strategy must be in place to determine marketing goals, content creation, and customer comments to ensure your company is targeting the right demographics, which includes using platform analysis tools to set goals and reach them. The data will support advertising, too.

If you employ a social media manager, your ROI will not be high, but you will have full work days to strategize. That said, if you are paying close attention to ways to increase revenue, hiring a social media manager through Frogman Media Group will allow you to pay only for the time it requires to help you develop a well-thought-out plan and procedure for managing your platforms.

Social Media And Business Infrastructure

Social media platforms are extremely valuable to business infrastructure, as research shows that eleven potential brand consumers join social media sites every second. Because social media platforms focus on local, national, and global audiences, your use of social media management techniques and tools provide everything you need to start a new marketing campaign. Add to the equation the ability to work with social media influencers to kickstart a campaign, and you have the highest potential to reach different market demographics globally because of your approach.

Social Media Management And Marketing Duties:

  • Manage Multiple Business Pages On Social Media Platforms
  • Monitor And Use Analyzing Tools To Improve Consumer Engagement
  • Strategize And Schedule Posts A Month Ahead
  • Use Analysis Data To Implement Changes
  • Collaborate With Advertising, Marketing, And PR

Getting Started With A Social Media Manager

The most important thing you will do is work with a social media manager to determine the problems you are facing both internally (marketing, advertising, sales growth) and with consumers (customer service, loyalty, branding, sales, product or service how-to). The more you let your social media manager know about problems, the more effective the strategies will help you accomplish your goals. Your manager will vary the plans based on platforms demographics. Hiring a social media manager will help you learn about your customers, save you time and money, and improve your line of communication with customers. To learn about our social media management services, call 1-310-427-7706, or email us at sabrena@frogmanmediagroup.com.

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