What Smart Business Leaders Know About Delegating

It can be tempting for business owners to take control of all aspects of their organization, including tasks that may not be within their scope of expertise. Sometimes, though, giving up control means getting the best-possible results.


Making Headlines By Bringing In Outside Help


While young CEOs and entrepreneurs can certainly run successful businesses, there are some circumstances in which experience is more important than enthusiasm. Unfortunately for many, the realization that expertise can be a valuable thing comes too late. That’s why one 27-year-old startup founder’s decision to step aside and let someone else run her company made headlines recently. After attempting to wear multiple executive hats and control everything from manufacturer negotiation and marketing to daily operations and PR, Revolar founder Jacqueline Ros decided it was time to let someone else take the CEO spot.


Rather than one of its 20-something founders, Revolar is now managed by a seasoned expert with more than a decade of experience in an executive role. The results have been positive, according to Ros, and she’s already learning from the experience of the man she hired to take her old job. Now, Ros can focus on being an evangelist for her project rather than taking on personal responsibility for everything that happened within her organization. Life was hard before Ros made this monumental decision, and now, she says, things have gotten a lot easier. Sure, it’s important to challenge yourself as a business owner, but that doesn’t mean you should be stressed-out and frantic. If you’re starting to feel like multitasking is becoming “overtasking,” it might be time to make a similar decision and turn to experienced professionals who can take some things off your to-do list.


What This Means For You


There’s a reason most well-known, successful businesses are run by a team rather than a single person. Some business tasks just take up too much time and energy for one person to successfully manage.


In particular, time-intensive tasks may be monopolizing way too much of your schedule, causing you to not only feel stretched too thin but also produce results that aren’t perfect. If your solo attempts at social media marketing and PR have been falling flat, it may be time to take a page out of the Revolar handbook and bring in some expert help to manage these parts of your business. Digital marketing and PR can be the key to bringing in more customers and expanding your business, and hiring seasoned pros to handle these tasks can be an extremely valuable investment.


Chances are you didn’t get into your current line of work to worry about whether you’re wording your email blasts right, but the truth is that the quality of the content you put out there does matter. Having hired guns to handle the minutiae of brand promotion and other marketing tasks will free you up to focus on other aspects of running your business.

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