Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

If you’ve ever had anyone ask you that, you know how frustrating it can be. You just get inspired, and the ideas come, in an ideal situation. We often just have a thought, expand on it and it becomes a piece of what we show the world. But what if you’re dry on ideas or you’re not happy with what you’re putting out there? There are ways to learn from what you know and what’s around you to make your content have a little more punch. Here are some ways you can try to make that happen.

Draw from Life

Everyone from comedians to business people have lives outside their work that, in some way or another, makes its way into their work (whether they admit it or not). If you’re posting on social media regularly, you must already be drawing from your life, right? After all, you’re posting everything you do to the world. The big difference here is that your social posts are certainly showing what your life looks like, but they might not show the whole picture. Conflicts, passions, and even the daily grind all have elements you can scour for inspiration and expand upon. The short version: it doesn’t have to just be what’s in front of you at the time; people love a side story.

Read a Book

Take a little time out of your own reality and immerse yourself in another story. Putting your brain in a narrative frame of mind reminds you of what’s important in a good story. It might even give you some new ideas for what to explore in your constant search for new content to post. Not only will you get the opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of your own mind, but you’ll have plenty to draw from.

Make a Dream Board

Sure, you’re online, so you can share your dream board with people, but when you start it, it’s for you. Put together pictures, quotes and whatever else inspires you, and you’ll start finding yourself with new ideas in no time. It’s a way to plan for the future while also giving you new ideas for the present.

Work with a Theme

If you’re stuck for ideas, but you have to post across multiple platforms and speak to multiple other creators, find a theme and go with it. Maybe one week you’re exploring a certain piece of fiction you’re interested in, or a culture you’re fascinated by. Maybe another week it’s all the apps you love to use. Sorting your content into thematic “chapters” is a way to demarcate progress and find new ways to express yourself.


Another way to find inspiration is to give yourself a little time and distance. The easiest way to make that happen is to work with a team to put together your posts. This will free you up to be inspired, and you might even get some ideas from the team themselves.