Why Authenticity Matters in the Digital Space


Authentic content is a major concern for marketers in 2017, but why is it such a focus? As audiences get more savvy and digital media continue to gain prominence in everyday life, you’ll need more than a solid message to capture attention and gain a following. Consumers are more and more comfortable in the digital space, and that means they have more freedom to analyze the messages they receive. Here’s what that means for you.


Hoax Watching is Real


Digital audiences are always on the lookout for a hoax, and being the first person to point out inconsistencies and a lack of proof has become something of a sport for many social media users. Stunts may get you attention up front, but the lack of authenticity involved in this approach rarely results in long-term traffic increases.


This phenomenon shows that quality may actually be better than quantity when it comes to building a following. Your posts may get a lot of coverage, attention and comments in the moment, but if the bulk of those comments are critical and the coverage is negative, the stunt could hurt your brand in the long run. Consumers show displeasure with inauthentic content, which they see as dishonest and even insulting to their intelligence.


Competition is Fierce


There’s a lot of content out there, and it’s all competing for attention. How are you going to set yourself apart? Prospective customers will have a lot of different options to consider as they look at different brands and products, and you want to provide something unique that allows you to make a lasting positive impression. What is it that makes you unique? Trying the same tactics and using the same voice as everyone else isn’t going to do you any favors in the digital space.


Attention Spans are Short


Authenticity is, at its core, more concise than any other approach. Think about the last time you were asked a difficult yes or no question. If you try to maneuver out of giving an answer, you probably used a lot more words but didn’t actually say as much as you would have if you’d just given a simple yes or no. If you’re writing long, flowery posts and creating a lot of distractions, you’re going to lose your audience quickly. By the time you can bring them back, they’ll be on to the next thing. Honest, simple messaging is ultimately more engaging and memorable than a desperate song and dance.


Authenticity is Simpler Than Fakery


There’s one very simple reason why authenticity matters so much in digital marketing, and in many ways, it’s the most important: being fake takes a lot of effort. Using your brand’s true voice, representing it for what it is and staying focused on your mission provides a clear way forward that doesn’t require hours of strategizing and messaging development. The inspiration for content is already at your fingertips. Your product can speak for itself if you let it, and audiences will respond better if you keep it simple in this way.

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