Why E-mail Marketing Matters

With the saturation of social media as our preferred source of information, and even news in some cases, we often forget about the other possibilities of places where we can put our brand out into the world. E-mail marketing is important not just for people who use social media less, but for people who only want pointed, occasional reminders, and like being reached out to, instead of having to do the reaching out themselves. Here are five reasons why e-mail marketing should always be a part of your public relations strategy.

Real-Time Communications

Most e-mails are clicked on from mobile devices, which means the advantages of social media don’t apply in the same way, here. A good e-mail will increase conversion rates on mobile more than through a browser, so if you can engage in e-mail, you may indeed increase engagement, and may even bump up your social numbers, or even pull some followers into social media.

E-mailers Engage

When an e-mail comes in, we have to do something with it. If there’s something eye-catching or interesting, or from a brand or person we are interested in or trust, that “something” becomes a little more than just clicking “delete.” E-mail asks us to engage, and you’re likely to get some kind of positive reaction from a majority of people by using e-mail marketing in addition to your other paths.

Reasonably Priced

It is often pennies an e-mail or less to send out a targeted e-mail to the people you’re trying to reach. Your budget can’t afford not to include such a beneficial tool with so little overhead, especially with all the advantages to using a medium that almost everyone has access to and uses actively.

Targeted Brand Awareness

Whatever information you get from your e-mail subscribers can be used to figure out what they want more of and what they want less of. You can target to whom certain messages go, create different versions of the same message, all aimed at bringing people into your brand while also allowing you to customize how individual groups perceive that same brand.

E-mail is Everywhere

Just about everyone online has e-mail. Everyone who uses social media needs email to sign up. It stands to reason there are people you’re only going to reach through e-mail. They may even want the same frequency of updates as do the people on social media, but they don’t want to engage through likes or seeing comments – they want a daily or weekly digest of what you and your brand are up to.


Not only do some people prefer the “reach out to me” method, but those people are also willing to give you just enough information that you’ll be able to market other things to them in the future. If they’re willing to give you more demographic information, as well, then you can start to tailor your other campaigns accordingly, and get a better idea of who you’re reaching, why and how.