Why Good Writing Matters More Than Ever Before

Good writing has always been important for communication, but these days, it’s essential for a business’ success. If your business leaves you little time to write good content for your site, you may want to consider letting a professional take the reins.


Language in the Digital Age


How do you communicate? Chances are that most of the communication you do with people who aren’t right in front of you takes place via text. Whether it’s emails, instant messages, texts or social media posts and comments, you write a lot, probably without even realizing it. Digital tools have turned us into a society of writers, for better or worse, and while text speak has made it easy for some to make their writing efforts quick and simple, that truncated style of communication doesn’t cut it when it comes to online marketing.


Digital marketing is an ever-changing field that requires constant adaptation to new technologies and outlets for communication, but one thing remains constant: writing. No matter what platform or media outlet a business chooses for their marketing efforts, they’re going to have to write down some words to get their message across.


Language Quality and Your Brand


Because writing is everywhere, it’s easy to find some examples of poorly written copy or content. From product descriptions to blogs and landing page copy, quality content is an essential part of the business success formula in the modern world. Writing is something we can all do, but it’s not necessarily something everyone can do well. You wouldn’t fudge it on your visual branding, so why cut corners when it comes to writing? Ultimately, the writing you present is part of your business’ image, and image is important.


A site with confusing content, misspellings, unclear copy and generally mediocre or even bad writing isn’t likely to inspire confidence in a target audience. In fact, if your goods and services target an educated audience with a sophisticated sense of language, you could alienate prospective clients or customers with a bad first impression. In this sense, writing is an important tool that you can use to position yourself for success right out of the gate.


Beyond Appearance: How Content Impacts Your Web Presence


There’s an element to good writing that’s important beyond making a good impression on prospective clients. Quality content can also help you rise in the ranks of search engine results pages. Search engine ranking can be critical for business competition. If you can manage to edge out big names like Amazon or eBay on the results page, for example, you can put your business in front of a whole new audience. If you’ve ever searched for something specific through a search engine, you know that discovery—the act of finding what you’re looking for—can be a challenge online. Most people who search for something online don’t go past the first ten sites on a search engine results page. If you can provide quality content on your site, you’ll give yourself an immediate leg up on the competition for search ranking supremacy.

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