Why Public Relations Is Vital To Brand Building

Public relations is a vital role within a company as it is the department that serves as the official voice of the company to the public and media. A PR rep must have the skills to engage with a global audience, protect a brand’s reputation, and promote the policy, procedures, and practices of an organization. Here are five reasons why public relations is vital to brand building.

What Are The Duties Of A PR Team?

  1. Writes and Distributes Press Releases

Press releases are brief, written statements that let others know about your official matters. Press releases promote new start-ups, product or service launches, acquisitions, news-worthy company milestones, and fundraising events. A press must also release statements that identify who released the information, what the report is about, where it takes place, when it will happen, and why it will happen so that journalists have enough information to develop a story.

  1. Writes PR-Related Marketing Content and Speeches

While your PR team is not your regular content creator, it will be necessary from time to time to develop marketing content that will promote a company’s operations. The PR team also will write speeches because they are typically newsworthy. It is easy to take words out of context, so you need a speechwriter who knows how to write content strategically.

  1. Responds To Public and Media Relation Inquiries


Any time there is a media or public request for information, your PR team will develop a reply since it is generally attached to an issue that has piqued someone’s interest. Anticipating problems is what PR teams do, so not only will the response address the concern, but it will also strive to overcome whatever media crisis is about to unfold.


  1. Conducts Research On Branding

As with any content that you release, it is vital that you understand the audience you are trying to reach with it. While the marketing team handles general branding strategies, there are times when a PR team needs to intervene to resolve an issue before it happens. For example, contrary comments on social media will significantly hurt your industry standing. A public relations representative will respond to turn a negative into a positive to protect the brand’s reputation.

  1. Oversees Reputation Management Strategies

PR nightmares happen when you least expect them which is why you need someone already in place to counterbalance the negative media attention when it counts. Starbucks experienced a crisis after the arrest of two customers for not buying a product while waiting for an investor. Tensions instantaneously sparked debate, and Starbucks responded quickly by engaging with the public and the media. With any delay, it would have cost tens of millions in lost revenue. Longer delays would also have hurt their reputation beyond repair with some consumers.

Frogman Media’s PR team are experts at branding, media marketing, writing press releases, and sharing the critical news that will establish and elevate your brand’s standing with the public. You do not want to wait until you need a PR team to realize the mistake of not having one.


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