Why You Need a Graphic Designer

You might be the kind of person or business who grabs the occasional graphic off of the web – in some cases, you might be your own graphic designer. Some people are even fond of just hiring someone on Fiverr for a quick drawing. All of those options can suffice, depending on your needs, but if you want to grow, you need a dedicated graphic designer who is on top of social media and web trends, so that your work manages to stand out, rather than look like every other logo, site or post on the internet. Here are some specifics on why you should hire a graphic designer.

Consistent Branding

You might not be able to tell the difference between two graphic designers interpretations of an idea or a logo, but your customers will. They can smell inconsistency, and with that comes the potential to lose trust in whatever idea your brand represents. Having a single designer or team who work on your look and feel from the ground up means that you will have a consistent public-facing piece of your brand always.


The best graphic design takes your brand and uses it to tell your potential customers what it means for them to be aligned with you. Storytelling is what a consumer tells themselves about their relationship with you, and you can most easily guide that with the right graphic design. From logos, to web layouts, to printed materials – it also has to say the same thing, in the same way, and a good graphic designer will keep everything – and everyone – on the same page.

Graphics Are Business

Graphic design is an opportunity for a considerable return on investment. Good graphics translate to engagement, because we’re all looking for something striking to align ourselves with. The right logo or interpretive graphic can do that in a split second, giving you nearly instant customers, as well as customer loyalty with a consistent look.

Graphics Are Not Expensive

Graphic design is not nearly as pricy as many other options for advertising or pushing your business, and having a dedicated graphic designer who you don’t need to keep on staff means you will save money in the long run.

It’s More Than the Logo

You are designing an experience, so you need a graphic designer who knows how to translate this complex experience into a few simple images. Think of some of the most famous images in the world – the Mona Lisa, Warhol’s tomato soup paintings, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel – they contain entire stories, and not just because of their specific history. They have depth and they have character, and they make you start asking questions immediately, while also having a handle on what they are from the start. A graphic designer can do exactly that for your brand.

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