Why Your Business Needs a Landing Page

When you first begin digitally marketing your business, it can be difficult to decide how to manage your budget. After all, a good website will require a lot of work in the form of professional graphics, coding, and content. You’ll also have to decide how much money to allocate for advertisements if any at all. While it’s okay to shorten your budget in some areas, one thing you’ll definitely want to consider is a landing page.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that is created to aid in digital marketing. It is a static page that, unlike a home screen has only one link and a clear goal known as a call to action (CTA). The fewer links or distractions a page has, the more conversions that are recorded, which is why a landing page is such a great choice. You can link to your landing page on your social media or in your emails, allowing people to have a taste of your business with a better chance of exploring further. If you’re still not convinced that a landing page is the right thing for your business, here is a full list of benefits.

Benefits of using a landing page

Higher conversion rate

Landing pages have proven time and time again to provide a higher conversion rate than a plain, cluttered homepage. With your homepage, you have a variety of links which can become a distraction. When a user doesn’t know where to begin, they most likely won’t begin at all. However, thanks to the CTA, a landing page lets the user know exactly they need to know and need to do. 

A cheaper option for driving organic traffic to your site

While you could always pay for more advertisements, it’s much cheaper, in regards to both money and time, to create a landing page. The average business spends around $10,000 a month on advertisements, while a landing page will cost you a one time charge of just a few hundred dollars (most landing pages cost around $200, but this price varies based on who you hire). Also, as mentioned before, landing pages offer a higher conversion rate, meaning that they are cheaper but more efficient than many other digital marketing means.

Helps your site rank higher

All of these benefits can culminate under this one, which is extremely important. Your ranking and how you incorporate basic search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can make or break your business. Consider it like this: how many times do you go to the second page of search results? Not often. Landing pages are SEO-friendly. They offer link-building, a clear CTA, and niche, and are a great place to add keywords. Also, some of the biggest SEO factors are your conversion rate and your organic traffic. Since landing pages have proven to greatly increase these numbers, it’s safe to assume that a landing page will also greatly boost your website’s ranking.

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