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There’s just something about chocolate. It’s delicious. It’s fun. And yes, it’s sensuous. But if you’re like us, in recent years, your chocolate satisfaction may be left wanting.

The quest of many chocolate manufacturers for richer, higher-cacao bars packed with flavonoids, antioxidants, magnesium and serotonin has displaced the sheer pleasure of chocolate. It’s left us dreaming of the days when we ate a chocolate bar just for that pleasure.

Chocolate should never be a compromise, only Chocolate…Always.

We’re chocolate lovers who refuse to give up the sensuous delight, the fun and the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of chocolate to create an organic, healthful chocolate bar. We created Chocolate Always™ to recapture both satisfying flavor and texture while taking advantage of chocolate’s health benefits. Yes, we promise that you can have your cacao and flavor too…Always!

At Chocolate Always, our passion wins over fast profits. Our journey to create chocolate bars as enjoyable to eat as the chocolate candy bars we all loved as kids has taken us through years of trials. We’ve enlisted the knowledge and experience of master chocolatiers and award-winning chocolate professionals and conducted several years of taste tests.
Today, our recipe for unparalleled flavor, creamy smooth texture, satisfying aftertaste and healthful chocolate is simple: Premium ingredients blended to perfection…Always.

While our recipe is a closely held secret, we can tell you this: At Chocolate Always, we start with the best ingredients. Each bar contains all non-GMO. You won’t find anything artificial or modified in our chocolate bars. Our organic bars contain USDA-Certified organic ingredients.

Better beans mean better flavor. That’s why we source our beans from different locations in Peru for a perfectly balanced flavor that features the rarest, organic cacao beans. You’ll love the complex chocolate flavor with overtones of rich, earthy caramel and a crisp, fruity aftertaste. There’s no bitter or acidic mouthfeel.

Our exclusive manufacturing facility is maintained close to the source. Here we mill our beans down to the microns for a smooth cacao paste. And roast every bean to perfection—based on the altitude and type of soil where the beans are grown. The result is a chocolate that’s never gritty, with a flavor we don’t need to mask with too much sugar.

We actively control our fat content for maximum quality. By using cacao butter in closely measured amounts, we ensure the high-cacao content delivers both the flavor and health benefits you want.

Finally, our inclusions—peanuts, almonds, raisins and toffee—are integral to every bar. We blend them with the chocolate before we pour it on the molds so you’ll enjoy more flavor in every bite.

When you unwrap a Chocolate Always bar, the aroma instantly tells you that you’re about to experience everything you loved about chocolate as a kid, only better. With your first bite, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a chocolate superfood without sacrifice or compromise. At Chocolate Always, we create chocolate bars you will crave…Always.


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