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The T.E.K. Foundation CC, Inc. dba Give A Child A Voice is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and influencing positive change in children’s lives to help a child transform the unfortunate circumstances they are faced with in which they do not ask for, life-threatening illness, child abuse, bullying, and child abduction.

 We firmly believe that our children are our only hope for the future, and we should take responsibility for their present. They are the future of your company, and ours. We aim to bring brands and small non-profit organizations together to give a voice to children who are dealing with unfortunate circumstances

We develop marketing strategies that benefit both your brand and the communities your current and potential customers are part of. In order to achieve that, we are partners with hundreds of small non-profit organizations that are run by and for those very same communities.

Our formula is simple, but powerful. By choosing us, you enter a partnership that will strengthen the voice of your brand and give it a positive and memorable presence among new and existing customers. As a partner, you get a custom-tailored road map to successfully grow and develop your brand. This includes access to NASCAR, one of the largest marketing platforms in the U.S., at a fraction of the cost, and access to online presence in many communities around the country. By utilizing the network of the non-profit organizations in our database, your brand will gain loyalty and trust in the market. In return, the non-profit organizations involved will get the necessary funds to continue their important work.

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